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Welcome to Learning Havens, a Whole Community Education Solution

Learning Havens are community education options that can be launched quickly and on a budget.

Building Learning Havens provides families with:

  • support for exiting the public school system
  • confidence to take their children’s education into their own hands
  • resources from within their own community for educators, locations, financial support, etc.
  • like-minded connections
  • true diversity
  • an environment where deep social skills are taught and responsibility for the community is accepted
  • an excellent education for their children that is customizable
  • a path to building an alternative economy

Are you ready for a new paradigm for  community?

Learning Havens are

the cornerstone of the new paradigm.

What questions do
Learning Havens answer?


How do you find the right educators
that your community needs?
What qualifications and skills are necessary?


What are the options for structuring
your Learning Haven?
How do you set up a schedule?


How do you decide on what to charge families?
How do you take payment?
Can this be cost-effective?


How do find like-minded families?
How do you vet families to make sure you can meet their student’s needs?


How do you find a suitable location?
What resources are available for a
community school education program?

Do you need help answering these questions and more?

Who benefits from having

a Learning Haven in their community?




Young Adults




and more . . .

Hello! I’m Melanie Williams,

the founder of Learning Havens.

I’ve been obsessed with what is truly possible in education for over two decades. I’ve taught in traditional schools and at the college level. After seeing behind the curtain of public school and watching my children lose confidence in their ability to learn, I waded into homeschooling. After several years of trying to fit into the homeschool paradigm, I came to believe that many children need more than a traditional homeschool often provides. They need a community haven; a place where they learn together. And parents need a haven as well. That is where the Learning Havens concept was born. 

If you’d like to know more about how to build your own Learning Haven, book a free 15 minute consultation.